Unless otherwise stated, all machine-language games in this directory are designed for single player. All programs work without any memory expansion.


3D Silicon Fish.csm.gz 2002-04-16 3349
Tape image of 3D Silicon Fish.
3D Silicon Fish.prg 2002-05-19 2804
Thor Software presents: 3D Silicon Fish, programmed in 1984 by Chris Stamp. Steer a car in a maze with a joystick, avoid exploding bombs and collect green moving rectangles by pressing fire+up.
4 op een rij.prg 1997-07-17 2321
Four in the row, or Vier gewinnt, or Vier op een rij. A variant of tic-tac-toe with gravity. The texts are in Dutch.
Abductor-pic.prg 2002-05-18 537
The loading picture of Abductor.
Abductor.csm.gz 2002-04-10 2833
Tape image of Abductor.
Abductor.prg 1996-04-05 3584
A non-scrolling shoot-em-up by Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/ that resembles Defender.
Alien Armada.b.prg 1995-02-27 1730
Alien Armada.f.prg 1995-02-27 3586
An Invaders-like game.
Alien Attack.csm.gz 2002-04-10 2524
Tape image of Alien Attack.
Alien Attack.prg 2002-05-18 2638
Simple shoot-em-up in space. © 1982 Interceptor software.
Alien Blitz.NTSC.prg 1995-02-27 3586
An Invaders clone by Tensor Technology. NTSC screen position.
Alien Blitz.PAL.prg 1996-12-04 3585
An Invaders clone by Tensor Technology. PAL screen position.
Alien Blitz2.PAL.prg 1995-12-26 3586
Another version of Tensor Technology's Invaders clone. In black/white.
Alien Soccer.csm.gz 2002-04-10 2522
Tape image of Alien Soccer.
Alien Soccer.prg 2002-05-18 2563
"Play the weirdest game of soccer you shall ever play in your life." Programmed in 1982 by Jeff Shyshka, published by Rabbit Software. The keyboard controls for the goalkeepers on the left side are "," and ".".
Alien Vortex-pic.prg 2002-03-23 493
The loading picture of Alien Vortex.
Alien Vortex.prg 2002-03-23 3029
A shooting game by Temptation Software Ltd, a UK based company that existed from 1983 to 1987. The author, Andrew Haisley, has given permission to distribute the game.
Alpha Blaster.csm.gz 2002-04-10 3884
Tape image of Alpha Blaster.
Alpha Blaster.prg 2002-05-18 2719
© Livewire 1983. A vertical shooting game with 3 screens, the first of which resembles Space Invaders. After going through the 3 screens, the graphics changes and the game becomes a little faster. Requires joystick.
Alphoids.prg 1995-02-27 3586
Another shoot-em-up game. Plays the Star Wars theme song.
Amok.prg 1995-12-26 3586
Simplified version of Super Amok by Roger Merrit 1981.
Annihilator.prg 1995-02-27 3586
A horizontal, randomly scrolling shoot-em-up game by Rabbit Software. Very coarse graphics.
Another Vic in the Wall.csm.gz 2002-04-10 2731
Tape image of Another Vic in the Wall.
Another Vic in the Wall.prg 2002-05-18 2775
A Breakout-like game, © 1982 Bug-Byte. Keep the ball on the screen with your racket, and hit bricks with the ball.
Antimatter Splatter.prg 1996-01-29 3583
Shoot falling barrels to protect your people.
Arcadia-pic.prg 1999-04-26 344
Arcadia.prg 1999-04-26 3421
A shooting game by Imagine.
Astro Panic.prg 1995-02-27 3586
A simple high-speed shoot-'em-up game. Seven ring-type enemies bounce around overhead your base that moves horizontally on the bottom of the screen. Don't let them hit you. The game uses a joystick. You have a rapid-fire cannon.
The initial waves of aliens move around slowly enough, but the pase picks up rapidly. A techincal problem is that the aliens are hard to see as they zip around in the higher-waves. The highest I have ever gotten is wave 15. The SHIFT key pauses the action. Hires graphics.
Bagdad-doc.prg 2002-05-01 950
Instructions for Bagdad.
Bagdad.prg 2002-05-01 3269
Eliminate enemy wizards with your flying carpet. Very good game, similar to the C64 game Pegasus. The melody at the end of each level resembles the one of the game Serpentine. POKE0,0 should select black and white output, but that does not seem to work.
Battlefield.prg 1996-01-29 3585
A shoot-em-up by Kingsoft. Shoot the enemies on the left, until they explode.
Bewitched.prg 1996-01-18 3585
A maze game by Imagine. Open locks with keys, and avoid ghosts.
Blockbuster-pic.prg 2002-05-01 530
The loading picture of Blockbuster.
Blockbuster.prg 2002-05-01 3022
Destroy monsters by moving tiles. Like Poing on the C64. Programmed by Dave Angier and Andrew Baillie, © 1983 Romik Software.
Blondell.prg 1995-02-27 1719
In this weird game you're supposed to rescue a princess with a flying carpet from the very right side of the playing area to the very left, avoiding birds.
Bomber.prg 1995-02-27 3586
Fly over terrain and shoot things up. Use the joystick fire button to drop bombs and press SHIFT LOCK to activate the automatic guns. Watch out for the rockets and shoot fuel tanks to refuel. Custom-character graphics.
Bounce Out.prg 1996-12-15 1851
A Break Out clone © 1981 Creative Software. Use joystick to move the paddle.
Catcha Troopa-doc.prg 2002-09-24 1617
Instructions for Catcha Troopa.
Catcha Troopa.csm.gz 2002-04-10 3609
Tape image of Catcha Troopa.
Catcha Troopa.prg 2002-09-24 2751
"Use your joystick and row the boat to catch the paratroopers as they fall. If you miss a 'trooper position the front of the boat over the man and pull your joystick back to lower a ladderfor him to climb up. If you're too slow then the shark will be well fed! You win 2 points for catching each man and 1 point for saving him with the ladder. The game starts by pressing the fire button and ends when the shark has eaten 5 men." Copyright © 1983 Abrasco Ltd.
Caterpilla.prg 1996-04-02 3573
A shooting game by Ocean that seems like a Country Garden clone. Requires joystick.
Cavern Raider.prg 1996-04-06 3585
An upwards-scrolling shoot-em-up by Solar Software. Requires joystick.
Chomper Man.prg 1997-01-15 3585
A Pac-Man clone by Bruce Robinson. Most action is driven by machine-language routines.
Chomper.prg 1995-02-27 3586
A very nice-looking Pac-Man clone.
Cosmonaut.prg 1996-04-02 3073
A jump&run game by Melbourne House. Requires joystick.
Crawler.prg 1996-04-05 3585
A Caterpilla or Country Garden clone by Anirog. Requires joystick.
Crazey Cavey-pic.prg 2002-04-30 502
The loading picture of Crazey Cavey.
Crazey Cavey.csm.gz 2002-04-11 3782
Tape image of Crazey Cavey.
Crazey Cavey.prg 2002-04-30 3753
A climb&run game by Mastertronic.
Crazy Kong.prg 1996-05-23 3585
A climb&jump&run game by Interceptor software.
Demons of Osiris.prg 1995-02-27 2871
A shoot-em-up. Controls: T, U and Shift.
Destroyer.prg 1995-12-26 3586
Simple but entertaining submarine.
Digger.prg 1995-02-27 3585
A Dig Dug clone written in machine language. Inflate the rabbits (with fire and f7) or crunch them under the rocks. Very difficult.
Doodle Bug.prg 1997-01-26 3585
A pac-man like game by Mastertronic. Eat all white things, and you'll get one enemy more on the screen.
Duck Shoot.prg 1995-12-26 3586
The bonus game in Lotus II/Amiga.
Exterminator.prg 1996-04-06 3585
Another Caterpilla, Centipod or Country Garden clone by Bubble Bus.
Fantasia.prg 1996-12-04 3585
A clumsy shooting game by Interceptor Software 1983.
Fantazia.prg 1996-04-14 3585
A very slow shoot-em-up by Interceptor Software. Requires joystick.
Flipper-1.0-pic.prg 2002-12-26 514
The loading picture of Flipper1.0.
Flipper-1.0.csm.gz 2002-12-20 3835
Tape image of a flipper by Micro Digital. Start the game with F1 (one player) or F3 (two players). Add launching power with F5 and shoot the ball with F7. Move all slaps with the Commodore key. The flipper can be pushed with the space bar.
Flipper-1.0.prg 2002-12-21 3557
Crunched version of Flipper1.0. As the game does not use any interrupts, the graphics at $218-$257 is relocated at $300-$3ff.
Frantic.prg 2002-12-27 3290
A radar game in space by Imagine.
Froggee.prg 1995-02-19 3585
A Frogger clone.
Froggie.prg 1995-02-27 3586
The familiar "Frogger" game. Uses joystick. Hires graphics.
Galactic Blitz.prg 1995-02-27 3586
Another vertical shoot-em-up, very coarse graphics.
Galactic Crossfire.prg 1996-05-23 3585
Cross rugged terrain and face the sligons as they ambush you from desert bushes. Produced by Rabbit software/MIS.
Galaxzions-pic.prg 2002-03-10 431
The loading screen of Galaxzions.
Galaxzions.csm.gz 2002-04-12 2215
Tape image of Galaxzions.
Galaxzions.prg 1996-04-02 3297
Interceptor Software presents: Galaxzions by A. Barton. Another rather unplayable shoot-em-up. Requires joystick.
Game of Life.prg 1997-07-17 1813
The Game of Life. The instructions are in German.
Gridder.prg 1996-01-29 3585
Colourize squares on the screen by coloring their edges and avoid collisions with the enemy object.
Gridrunner.prg 1996-04-14 3585
A Matrix clone by JCM. Requires joystick.
Guardian.prg 1996-01-29 1933
A horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up by Tom Griner.
Gunfight.prg 1996-04-06 3585
A two-player game.
Hopper.prg 1996-04-02 3076
A Frogger clone by Rabbit. Requires joystick.
Jackpot.prg 1996-04-29 3569
A jackpot game by Mr.Chip software.
Jupiter Defender.prg 1996-01-29 3585
A horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up.
Kongo Kong.prg 1996-12-28 3579
A Donkey Kong clone by Bruce Robinson 1982. Most action is driven by machine-language subroutines.
Krell.prg 1996-01-29 3585
An Invaders-like shoot-em-up by Rabbit Software.
Ludwig's Lemon Lasers.prg 1997-01-15 3584
A simple one- or two-player shooting game by Alan Stankiewicz.
Mangrove Root.prg 1996-12-04 3585
Protect your species by eating the enemies.
Martian Raider 2.prg 1996-01-29 3585
A vertically scrolling shoot-em-up by C. Ramshaw/Romik Software. Bomb targets on the ground and avoid missiles and other flying objects.
Martian Raider.prg 1996-02-04 3585
Skim the surface of the planet blasting alien cities and ammunition dumps. Beware rockets, ufos and meteorites! Hit green ammo dumps to increase your flying time. Controls: A=slow down, D=speed up, f7=fire photons, space=drop bombs. The joystick can also be used.
Max.prg 1996-04-02 3585
Colourize all boxes on the level by jumping on them, and avoid the enemy. This game was produced by Kingsoft.
Metagalactic Llamas.prg 1995-12-26 3586
Kill spiders with your spitting llama. By Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/.
Metamorphosis.prg 1996-12-28 3585
A shooting game programmed by Mike Wacker in 1982. Shoot enemy droids and avoid they and their bullets.
Meteor Blaster.prg 1996-04-06 3585
A shooting game by Terminal.
Meteors.prg 1996-01-29 2244
Shoot meteors with your space ship before they hit you. Programmed by Tom Griner.
Motor Mouse.cas.gz 2003-05-17 2700
Original tape image of Motor Mouse.
Motor Mouse.prg 2003-05-17 3607
A maze game © 1982 by Commercial Data Systems Limited (CDSL), 730 Eastview Ave., Regina, Sask., Canada S4N 0A2. Controlling a mouse on the screen, collect cheese pieces from the green containers and bring them to the top right corner of the screen. Avoid all moving objects.
Multitron.prg 1995-02-19 3585
A multi-level shooting game by T R Flanders.
Munchman.prg 1996-04-06 3585
A Pac-Man clone by Solar Software.
Neutron Zapper.prg 1996-04-05 3545
A shooting game by Galactic Software. Requires joystick.
Night Crawler.prg 1996-04-02 3585
Another Caterpilla or Country Garden clone by Interesting Software. Requires joystick.
Orbis.prg 1996-05-23 3585
Protect your uranium fuel dumps against the zylons by laying a space-minefield. Produced by Rabbit Software.
Pakacuda.prg 1996-01-29 3585
A Pac-man clone.
Paratrooper-inst.prg 2002-12-05 1566
Instructions for Paratrooper. This part copies some game-over graphics to the area $9400-$95ff and lets you select the game speed.
Paratrooper.prg 2002-04-30 3498
Fire helicopters and parachute soldiers with a fixed cannon. Use the cursor keys and the space bar or the joystick. G starts the game with guided bullets, N with normal bullets. RESTORE aborts the game.
Pit.prg 1996-04-13 3585
Get a bag from the right side of the screen to the left side and avoid the rain drops. Produced by Kavan.
Pollywog.prg 1997-01-02 3585
A rather poor Frogger clone by Alan Stankiewicz 1983.
Punch.prg 1995-02-19 3569
A Breakout clone.
Race Fun.prg 1996-05-03 3583
Another vertically scrolling car game. The opponent cars seem to be parked all over the road.
Richthofen.prg 1995-02-27 3586
Another horizontal shoot-em-up, with little action.
Road Racer.prg 1995-02-27 2623
Collect some things on the road and avoid some others. Another vertically scrolling car-drive game.
Road Toad.prg 1996-01-18 3585
A Frogger clone by Nibbles & Bits.
Scram20-pic.prg 1998-03-08 494
Loading picture of Scram20.
Scram20.csm.gz 2002-04-10 3052
Tape image of Scram20.
Scram20.prg 2002-12-27 2923
A Scramble clone by Nalin Sharma. Press f1 or f3 to start the game.
Sea Hunt.prg 1996-12-15 2748
A shooting game by Creative Software 1981. Sink as many boats as possible in one minute.
Sea Invasion-pic.prg 1998-03-08 754
Loading picture of Sea Invasion.
Sea Invasion.prg 1998-03-08 3569
An Invaders clone by Clifford Ramshaw/Romik software.
Shadow Fox.prg 1996-11-24 3072
Shoot the enemy riders before they hit you. The aiming must be 100% perfect. Press S to restart the game.
Shadowfax-pic.prg 1998-03-08 222
Loading picture of Shadowfax.
Shadowfax.prg 1998-03-08 3014
A horizontally scrolling shooting game by Mike Singleton. Press S to restart the game.
Shark Attack-pic.prg 1998-03-08 1112
The loading picture of Shark Attack has apparently been modified from the one used in Martian Raider.
Shark Attack.prg 1998-03-08 2901
Trap sharks in a net in this game by Clifford Ramshaw/Romik software.
Siege.prg 1996-04-29 3585
Defend your castle against climbing attackers by throwing balls at them. Programmed by Mike Singleton.
Skramble.prg 1996-05-23 3585
Another scramble clone by Rabbit Software.
Slap Dab-pic.prg 1998-03-08 1744
Loading picture and instructions for Slap Dab.
Slap Dab.prg 1998-03-08 2639
A painting game by Darrell Etherington. Copyright © 1983 Anirog Software.
Snake Bite.prg 1996-12-27 3585
In this Firebird game, the objective is to eat anything else on the screen but the mushrooms.
Snake Pit.prg 1996-04-29 3585
Eat circular objects on the screen and avoid snakes. Restart the game with 'S'. Programmed by Mike Singleton. Requires joystick.
Space Attack-pic.prg 1998-03-08 533
Loading picture of Space Attack.
Space Attack.prg 1998-03-08 3255
A vertically scrolling Star Wars inspired shoot-em-up by Clifford Ramshaw. Very nice explosions. Copyright © 1982 Romik software.
Space Fighter.prg 1996-04-30 3585
A 2D scrolling shooting game.
Space Invaders.prg 1998-03-08 2577
The classic.
Space Phreaks-pic.prg 1998-03-08 603
Space Phreaks.prg 1998-03-08 2886
A Galaxions clone by Jimmy Huey. Copyright © 1982 Interesting Software.
Supavaders-pic.prg 1998-03-08 510
Loading picture of Supavaders.
Supavaders.prg 1998-03-08 2429
Protect your city from invaders. Controls: < > 3 D W R. Produced by K-tel.
Super Breakout.prg 1996-04-05 3585
A Breakout clone by Solar Software.
Swarm-pic.prg 1998-03-08 408
Loading picture of Swarm.
Swarm.prg 1998-03-08 2909
A Matrix clone by Temptation Software Ltd, a UK based company that existed from 1983 to 1987. The author, Andrew Haisley, has given permission to distribute the game.
Tank War.prg 1996-01-29 3585
A tank duel against the computer by Rabbit Software. The game crashes if left in the demo mode for a long time.
Terminal Invaders.prg 1996-04-06 3585
A very slow Invaders clone by Terminal.
The Catch.prg 1996-04-02 3577
Catch the green drops in your shield before they destroy the cities under you. Produced by Bubble Bus.
The Defenders.prg 1996-01-29 3585
A horizontal shoot-em-up with a very coarse scroll. Control your ship with the function keys; the space bar will drop a bomb.
The Slicker Puzzle.prg 1996-05-03 3584
A kind of a puzzle by DK'Tronics. PAL only.
Thunder Flash-pic.prg 1998-03-08 493
Loading picture of Thunder Flash.
Thunder Flash.prg 1998-03-08 2847
A shooting game. Copyright © 1983 Temptation Software Ltd, a UK based company that existed from 1983 to 1987. The author, Andrew Haisley, has given permission to distribute the game.
Trench Fire.prg 1995-02-27 1985
A 3D shooting game on text screen.
Vic Panic.csm.gz 2002-04-10 2696
Tape image of Vic Panic.
Vic Panic.prg 2002-03-10 2799
A Lode Runner like game. Copyright © 1982 Bug-Byte.
Vic Scramble.prg 1998-03-08 2760
Another Scramble clone by S. Munnery. Copyright © 1982 Bug-Byte.
Vic-Man.prg 1995-02-27 3586
The familiar "Pac-Man" game. Uses joystick, high-speed action, custom- character graphics.
Vicmen.prg 1998-03-08 3284
A very poor Pac-Man clone. Copyright © 1982 Bug-Byte.
Wacky Waiters.csm.gz 2002-04-10 3507
Tape image of Wacky Waiters.
Wacky Waiters.prg 2002-05-18 3305
Serve food to unpatient customers. Written by Eugene Evans, © 1982 Imagine Software. Controls: left and right shift keys.

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