Manual.txt 2002-06-02 81303
User notes for Datatronic VIC-FORTH and C64-FORTH.
ed-asm.cas.gz 2002-06-02 1914
Tape image of compiled VIC-FORTH editor/assembler
ed-asm.d64.gz 2000-10-19 3157
VIC-FORTH editor/assembler source code, 1541 disk image
ed-asm.prg 2002-06-02 2669
Compiled VIC-FORTH editor/assembler. In the tape image, the file is called "#".
forth-1.1.bin 2000-10-19 8192
Datatronic VIC-FORTH 1.1 firmware, mapped to $a000.
sed.com 2000-10-19 18688
MS-DOS program to edit VIC-FORTH .d64 screen files
sed.txt 2000-10-19 1636
Instructions for SED.COM

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