Here you will find 8k and 4k+4k cartridges.


A World at War-en.txt 2000-01-06 6528
English translation of the Swedish instructions for A World at War.
A World at War-se.txt 2000-01-06 6324
Swedish instructions for the Cold War game.
A World at War.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A strategy game by Handic Software AB. The screen is initialized for PAL.
Aggressor-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Another version of AGGRESSOR. Only 2 bytes differ.
Aggressor.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Defender clone by HES.
Alien.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A maze game. Catch aliens before they catch you. Start with F1. Set traps by pushing up/down+fire. Wait until an alien walks to the trap, and neutralize the trap by pushing fire and up or down towards the trap.
Amidar.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Colourize the playfield and avoid enemy bugs. Programmed by F. Janke.
Ape Escape.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Ape Escape, similar to Cosmic Jailbreak
Apple Panic-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Apple Panic-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
A climb&run game by Creative Software.
Apple Panic.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Single ROM version of Apple Panic, a climb&run game by Creative Software. NTSC screen position.
Arcadia.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A stationary-screen shoot-em-up. PAL only.
Attack of the Mutant Camels.prg 1997-05-10 8194
This Llamasoft game seems to be a renamed version of Matrix.
Avenger.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Space Invaders clone. Use joystick or keyboard.
Bandits.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shooting game by Sirius. NTSC only!
Bank Robber.prg 1995-10-11 8194
An earlier version of Raid on Fort Knox.
Capture the Flag-orig.prg 1997-07-14 8194
Capture the Flag.prg 1997-07-14 8194
A duel game in a 3D maze. Requires 6560-101 (NTSC-M) video timing.
Car Race.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A variant of Radar Rat Race with different images. Produced by Commodore.
Catch a Snatch.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Catch a Snatch.
Cave-in.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Dig in a cave and avoid monsters. Programmed by Gregory Carbonaro, published by Spectravision in 1982.
Choplifter-orig.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Choplifter.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Rescue people with a helicopter from their houses in a military front area.
Chuck Norris Superkicks.prg 1997-05-10 8194
An adventure where you have to kick or hit the enemies.
Clowns-paddle.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A paddle version of Clowns by Commodore.
Clowns.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Clowns, a game where you have to break balloons with two clowns.
Computer War-orig.prg 1997-07-14 8194
Computer War.prg 1997-07-14 8194
Prevent the World War 3, like in the War Games movie. Produced by Thorn EMI. Also available as a loadable program.
Congo Bongo.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Congo Bongo by Sega. A nice jungle game.
Cosmic Cruncher-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Pac-Man clone with a C= sign as the Pac-Man.
The TRAINED version was patched so that you cannot dead. The 2nd version uses $bd fill byte at the end instead of the $aa byte. (Both are from original cartridges.)
Cosmic Cruncher-fixed.prg 1997-05-10 8194
The original Cosmic Cruncher does not initialize a memory variable it uses, and fails to work properly in some cases. This version fixes the problem.
Cosmic Cruncher-trained.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A trained version of Cosmic Cruncher where you cannot die.
Cosmic Cruncher.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Cosmic Jailbreak.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Cosmic Jailbreak. You have to shoot creatures that remove stones from a prison in order to free their fellows.
Creepy Corridors.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shooting game by Sierra On-Line. Collect treasures in a maze and shoot enemy monsters.
Crossfire.NTSC.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Crossfire with NTSC screen position.
Crossfire.PAL.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shooting game published by Sierra On-Line.
Cyclon.prg 1997-12-11 8194
A 2D shooting game. Shoot alien space ships that come from four directions. The game is too easy in the beginning.
D'Fuse.prg 2001-07-10 8194
This climbing game was programmed by Neil Chriss and published in 1983 by Microware.
Deadly Duck.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shooting game by Sirius.
Dragonfire.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A very nice jump&run game by Imagic. The game has two screens, and the game becomes faster after completing one round.
Droids.prg 2002-09-22 8194
"T.G. Software presents Droids - copyright 1983 by Solitare group". Shoot droids by pushing the fire button and moving the joystick to the desired direction. Turn the red objects to yellow and then to green by touching them in the proper order. Whenever a droid touches an object, it resets to red. To complete the game, all objects must be green simultaneously.
ET.prg 1997-05-10 8194
The Extra Terrestrial. Doesn't work if the VIAs are reset.
Face Maker-orig.prg 1997-07-14 8194
Face Maker.prg 1997-07-14 8194
A memorizing game for kids (like Simon). By Spinnaker Software Corporation.
Fast Eddie.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Fast Eddie, a jump & climb game.
Final Orbit & Bumper Bash-orig.prg 1997-07-14 8194
Final Orbit & Bumper Bash.prg 1997-07-14 8194
A radar-based 2D shooting game. The screen flickers horribly on PAL machines; it is OK on NTSC.
Flipper-1.0.prg 1996-02-01 4866
A flipper by Micro Digital. Start the game with F1 (one player) or F3 (two players). Add launching power with F5 and shoot the ball with F7. Move all slaps with the Commodore key. The flipper can be pushed with the space bar.
Fourth Encounter.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A clumsy shoot-em-up by Thorn EMI.
Frantic.prg 1996-01-18 4354
A radar game in space by Imagine.
Frogger.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Frogger, the classic where you must guide the frogs to the nests. This rather poor version was made by Parker Brothers.
Fun with Music.prg 1998-04-13 8194
Compose melodies with this Epyx cartridge, or play a game (jump on the horizontally scrolling notes by using the paddle).
Galaxian.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A very well-done shoot-em-up. This classic is a bit improved Space Invaders.
Garden Wars.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A maze shoot-em-up by Commodore.
Ghost Manors.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shoot&run game by Xonox.
Gorf.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A boring shoot-em-up.
Home Babysitter.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Home Babysitter by Commodore.
IFR (Flight Simulator).prg 1997-05-10 8194
This game trains your instrumental flying skills, or maybe not.
Jawbreaker II.NTSC.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Some sort of a Pac-Man clone by Sierra On-line.
Jawbreaker II.PAL.prg 1997-05-10 8194
PAL version of the above. Only the screen position is different.
Jelly Monsters-fixed.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A rather good-looking Pac-Man clone. The fixed version fixes a memory initialization problem.
Jelly Monsters-v2-fixed.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly improved version of Jelly Monsters, the Pac-Man clone. The fixed version fixes a memory initialization problem.
Jelly Monsters-v2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Jelly Monsters.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Jupiter Lander.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Jupiter Lander, a 2D game that simulates the landing on a planet. Very realistic.
Kids on Keys.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A children's game by HES.
Lazerzone.prg 2002-12-17 8194
A shoot-em-up by LLamasoft. Requires joystick. A bit like Hellgate. This game is also available as a loadable program for computers equipped with an 8k expansion.
Maze.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Medieval Joust-orig.prg 1997-07-14 8194
Medieval Joust.prg 1997-07-14 8194
A very slow jousting game. Press F1 to start, and be patient.
Menagerie.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Frogger clone by D W Johnson / Cimarron.
Meteor Run.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shoot-em-up by Umi.
Mine Madness.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A mining game by Thorn EMI.
Miner 2049'er.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A jump&run game, a bit like Donkey Kong. This seems to be PAL only.
Mole Attack.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Hit moles when they raise their head, and avoid hitting bombs.
Money Wars.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Money Wars.
Monster Maze.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A three-dimensional maze game by Epyx. Use the joystick to move, and the fire button to take a look at the map.
Motocross Racer.prg 1998-12-13 8194
Drive against the clock in three screens: desert time trial, hill climbing and beach race. ©1983 Xonox.
Mutant Herd.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Prevent enemy mutants from getting into the screen middle. Produced by Thorn EMI.
Number Crunch.prg 2002-12-17 8194
Spectravideo's Number Crunch © 1982 Gregory Carbonaro. Control a snake and eat digits and operators to form the assigned numbers.
Number Nabber & Shape Grabber.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Two games by Commodore that are suitable for small children.
Omega Race-orig.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Original version of Omega Race. Does not run in RAM.
Omega Race-trained.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A trained (immortal) and patched version of the above. Runs also in RAM.
Omega Race.prg 1997-05-10 8194
The famous 2D space game Omega Race. Patched so that it works in RAM.
Outworld-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Outworld-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Outworld in two 4k ROMs.
Outworld.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Defend a city from space aliens in this Tensor Technology game. Requires joystick.
Pac-Man.prg 1997-05-10 8194
The original Atari version of Pac-Man.
Paratrooper.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Shoot helicopters and invading parachutist with a fixed cannon.
Pipes.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Build a pipeline. By Creative Software.
Poker-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of VIC Poker.
Poker.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Loose your virtual money in this poker game. Produced by Commodore.
Polaris.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A quite well-made submarine game.
Predator.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Predator, a bird game.
Princess and Frog.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Frogger clone.
Protector.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Evacuate people from a city.
Q-Bert.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Paint the screen by jumping to each level an odd amount of times. Programmed by Parker Brothers.
Quackers.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Radar Rat Race-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of Radar Rat Race. Only two bytes in the data differ.
Radar Rat Race.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A classic just like Omega Race. You steer a mechanic mouse, eat cheese and avoid cats and rats. The rats and the cheese pieces are displayed on radar.
Raid on Fort Knox.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Steal gold bars and bring them to your base. Avoid confrontations with the guards. Published by Commodore.
Rally-X.prg 2002-10-06 8194
A variation of Radar Rat Race, similar to Car Race. It appears that this game was first modified to Car Race, then to Radar Rat Race to avoid a lawsuit.
Rat Hotel-orig.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Rat Hotel.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Creative Software / Tensor Technology. Collect the blinking stuff and avoid the human. The original version doesn't work in RAM.
Renaissance-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Renaissance-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Othello in two 4k ROMs.
Renaissance.prg 1997-05-10 8194
The game of Othello by UMI.
River Rescue-orig.prg 1997-05-10 8194
River Rescue.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A horizontal shoot-em-up by Thorn EMI. The original version doesn't work in RAM.
Road Race.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Road Race, a 3-dimensional car game where you compete against the clock.
Robin Hood.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Shoot enemies in the Sherwood Forest. By Xonox.
Robot Panic.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Robot Panic, a 2D shoot-em-up game.
Sargon II Chess.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A plain chess game with several difficulty levels.
Satellites and Meteorites-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Satellites and Meteorites-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
An Asteroids clone by RLM/UMI. The screen is fixed at NTSC position.
Satellites and Meteorites.PAL.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A single file and PAL version of the above.
Scorpion.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Sea Wolf.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shooting game by Commodore. Requires paddles.
Serpentine.NTSC.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Serpentine.PAL.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Serpentine is a labyrinth game where you are a snake who eats up stuff in order to become bigger. There are other snakes who try to eat you, and you can eat them from the back side.
Shamus-orig.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Shamus I, a graphical labyrinth adventure game. The original game does not run in RAM, but the patched version does.
Shamus.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Sir Lancelot.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A middle-age game by Xonox.
Solar System.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Planetary data. Produced by Commodore.
Space Snake.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slalom game by Handic Benelux B.V.
Speed Math & Bingo Math.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A speed math training game by Commodore.
Spiders of Mars-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Spiders of Mars-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
A two-ROM version of Spiders of Mars.
Spiders of Mars.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up by Peter Fokos / UMI.
Spike's Peak.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A mountain climbing game by Xonox.
Spills and Fills.prg 1997-05-10 8194
This weird game was programmed by Creative Software.
Star Battle.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Star battle, another shoot-em-up game.
Star Post.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Star Trek - S.O.S-orig.prg 1997-07-15 8194
Star Trek - S.O.S.prg 1997-07-15 8194
Shoot enemy spacecrafts with the Enterprise. This is a very good 2D game, published by Sega.
Super Amok.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Super Slot-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of Super Slot.
Super Slot.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slot game simulation by Commodore.
Super Smash-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of Super Smash.
Super Smash.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Breakout clone by Commodore. Requires paddles.
Tank Atak-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Tank Atak-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Destroy tanks before they destroy you. By Audiogenic. This is the older two-ROM version. Does not fully work.
Tank Atak.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Destroy tanks before they destroy you. By Audiogenic. After aligning the screen, press Return and not Restore, otherwise the game won't work. This seems to be a newer, bug-fixed version.
The Sky is Falling-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of The sky is falling.
The Sky is Falling.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Collect water drops before they hit the ground. Published by Commodore. Requires paddles.
Threshold.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A shooting game by Sierra On-line.
Titan.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A very nice maze shooting game by Commodore.
Tomarc the Barbarian.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A climb&run game. Not very playable.
Tooth Invaders.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Clean teeth and the space between them. By Commodore.
Topper.NTSC.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Q-Bert clone. Use diagonal joystick directions to move the player.
Trashman-6000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Trashman-a000.prg 1997-05-10 4098
Creative Software's Pac-Man clone in two 4-kilobyte ROMs.
Trashman.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Trashman, a Pac-Man clone by Creative Software. Not the same as the C64 game where you collect trash bins and avoid dogs and cars.
Turmoil.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Tutankham.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A 2D Doom clone. :-) Shoot the enemies, collect items and keys and open doors to get to the next level.
Type Attack.prg 1997-05-10 8194
This game improves your typing skills. By Sirius.
Typo.prg 1998-04-14 8194
This Romox game improves your typing skills. The game does not initialize memory properly, so it might not work at the first try.
Vic Music Composer-orig.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Vic Music Composer.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A note writing program by Thorn EMI. The original doesn't work in RAM.
Vic Super Lander.prg 1997-05-10 8194
The same as Jupiter Lander by Commodore, but with different colours.
Video Vermin.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Another Caterpilla or Country Garden clone by Umi.
Visible Solar System-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of Visible Solar System.
Visible Solar System.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Visible Solar System, another space simulation.
Wacky Waiters-sys48896.prg 2002-12-17 8382
Cartridge version of Wacky Waiters. This game was also published on tape for the unexpanded VIC-20.

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