Practicalc.csm.gz 2003-05-17 5893
Tape image of Practicalc.
Practicalc.prg 2003-05-17 6163
Practicalc 1.6, a spreadsheet program. The program is copyrighted 1982 by Computer Software Associated, 50 Teed Drive, Randolph, MA 02368. Program by Sandy Ruby, manual by Kathleen F. Nolan. This software REQUIRES a 16Kbyte expansion, 24K is recommended.
Schreibmaschinenkurs.csm.gz 2002-04-11 8924
Tape image of Schreibmaschinenkurs.
Schreibmaschinenkurs.prg 2002-04-30 5888
A touch typing course by Commodore Germany, January 1983. The exercise texts are accessed from tape.
Schreibmaschinenkurs.seq 2002-04-30 6495
An exercise text file for Schreibmaschinenkurs. Write this to an unnamed data tape file with OPEN1,1,1,"":...:CLOSE1, or use the tape image.

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