1540.41 Backup.prg 1996-11-24 6209
Single drive disk backup program.
3D-Drawing I.prg 1997-08-03 139
3D-Drawing II.prg 1997-08-03 5485
A 3D drawing program. The first part merely moves the start of BASIC to $2001 and loads the second part.
Aangifte 83&84.prg 1996-11-10 17883
Calculates the taxation or something for 1983 and 1984. The program texts are in Dutch. Requires at least a 24k memory expansion, and the texts are formatted for a 40 column screen.
Assembler.prg 1996-11-10 3985
A non-symbolic assembler written in BASIC.
Assembler2.prg 1997-08-03 8036
A machine language monitor written in BASIC.
Austro-Compiler.prg 1997-08-03 12147
A BASIC compiler. Requires at least a 16kB expansion. The compiled programs will run with an 8kB expansion or bigger.
Basic Scanner.prg 1996-11-10 3865
A BASIC "disassembler" written in BASIC.
Bio-Vision 20.prg 1995-03-05 5685
A biorythm program.
Copymaker.prg 1996-11-10 1014
Tape back-up program.
Copymaker2.prg 1997-08-03 1025
Copies normally saved files from tape to tape.
Cremona.prg 1997-08-12 6223
Programma voor het bereknen van de staafkrachten in een inwendig- statisch bepaald vakwerk m.b.v. het cremona-diagram principe. Written in BASIC.
Database Cw.prg 1996-11-24 9774
A database program in Dutch. Requires a tape drive. Written in BASIC.
Database Menu.prg 1996-11-24 9774
A database program in Dutch. Quite many functions. Written in BASIC.
Dataopslag.prg 1996-11-24 7748
A quite comprehensive Dutch database program. Written in BASIC.
Drawing Master.b.prg 1995-03-05 177
Drawing Master.f.prg 1995-03-05 5439
A primitive CAD program.
Easy Basic.b.prg 1995-03-05 251
Easy Basic.f.prg 1995-03-05 4095
Easy Basic.p2.prg 1995-03-05 2050
A BASIC expansion.
Easy Mon 1.0.prg 1997-07-17 5818
A machine language monitor written in BASIC.
Fat 40.prg 1996-11-10 7311
Fat40 Demo.prg 1996-11-10 3918
40 column emulators for the VIC-20. The latter is with NTSC screen position.
Gegevensverwerking.prg 1996-11-24 5517
A database program in Dutch. Written in BASIC.
Gleitschrift.prg 1996-11-10 951
This German program produces a bit jumpy scroll text. 6561 only.
Info Writer.prg 2001-09-16 1723
A page-based textual note writer by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1990. Requires 16 kilobytes of expansion memory.
Kp Word Pro.prg 1995-02-27 5459
This "word processor" is written in BASIC.
Lettex.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 3309
A letter editor by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in August/September 1991. Requires RAM also at BLK5 ($a000-$bfff).
MLX 2.02.prg 1996-11-10 3000
A utility for entering machine language programs (enter bytes in decimal notation, with checksums over 6 byte groups).
MLtracer.prg 1996-11-10 4480
A 6502 simulator (single-stepper) written in BASIC.
Magic Draw.b.prg 1995-02-27 181
Magic Draw.p2.prg 1995-02-27 2386
This is a poor drawing program. Controls: cursor keys, clr/home, d, e, x, z, l, s, q, F2, F4 etc.
Memory View Exp.prg 2001-09-16 818
RAM or ROM contents viewer by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de).
Mighty Basic.prg 1995-03-05 6986
Another BASIC expansion.
Mighty Mon 1.0-b.prg 1995-03-05 214
Mighty Mon 1.0-f.prg 1995-03-05 7595
A machine language monitor written in BASIC and ML.
Mighty Mon 3.0.prg 1995-03-05 6654
A machine language monitor written in pure ML.
Mighty Term8192.prg 1995-03-05 7327
A terminal program. SYS8192 to start. Features a 40-column bitmapped display and VT-100 emulation. The program was never finished, but it is complete enough to use. Press CTRL-1 to bring up the configuration menu. Not all of my defaults will be convenient for you. For example, it defaults to PST-100 emulation since that is the type of terminal the university computer liked when I was developing this program.
You can also specify an "80/2" screen width. In this mode, the screen will be split into two 40-column halves. Press the F7 key to toggle between the two halves. Ignore the "Good day, Craig" at the start (unless your name happens to be Craig). Press the Backarrow key to quit.
Pilot.prg 1997-08-03 5640
A Pilot language interpreter written in BASIC. Very slow.
Plus.term.prg 1996-11-24 10214
A terminal program partially written in BASIC. Seems to use the standard RS-232 routines, so speeds from 50 to 2400bps are possible. Normal 22-column screen.
Printer Pal I.prg 1995-03-05 2415
Printer Pal II.prg 1995-03-05 9836
These programs print something.
Prog Char 4.8-HB.prg 1997-07-17 2258
Prog Char MLV1.0.prg 1995-03-05 5568
Character editors.
Program Ledger.b.prg 1995-03-05 631
Program Ledger.f.prg 1995-03-05 4881
Makes a database of your programs.
Quick-20 (rel).prg 1996-11-10 2305
Some sort of a tape loader or tape copier.
Screen-40.prg 1995-03-05 2158
Gives you a 40-column screen display for using BASIC. It uses bitmapped 4*8 pixel characters and gives 24 rows. It will work with all programs that use the standard kernel input and output calls.
Soundmaker-0.1.prg 1996-09-09 6976
A simple music composing aid written in BASIC.
Soundmaker.prg 1996-11-24 6976
A sound editor written in BASIC.
Speedscript 1.0.prg 1995-03-05 4735
Speedscript 3.0.prg 1996-11-10 5875
COMPUTE!'s Speedscript program for the VIC. The function keys move the cursor around and the F7 and F8 keys are for Load and Save. It features a number of embedded formatting commands. To access them, press CTRL-£ (the British pound symbol) and then type the letter of the command and it will appear in reverse. Follow most commands with a number and then a RETURN. The following embedded commands are supported: T=Top margin, B=Bottom margin, L=Left margin, R=Right margin, S=Spacing, and many more. A number of editing commands are available by pressing CTRL and a letter. CTRL-P is Print.
Spreadsheet.prg 1996-11-10 5887
A spreadsheet program. Requires a 40 column screen driver.
Tekstverwerker 1.prg 1996-11-24 8513
Tekstverwerker 2.prg 1996-11-24 5676
Tekstverwerker 3.prg 1996-11-24 4050
Tekstverwerker 4.prg 1996-11-24 8670
These are Dutch word processors for the VIC. All are written in BASIC and are more or less line orientated.
Telex-morse.prg 1997-08-03 7681
A RTTY / CW decoder for the VIC-20 by Radio V/D Galien.
Vic 40 Scherm.prg 1996-11-10 6828
Another 40 column emulator.
Vic Compiler.prg 1996-11-10 8521
Some sort of BASIC to Assembler source compiler.
Vic Pilot.b.prg 1997-07-17 554
Vic Pilot.f.prg 1995-03-05 5605
Some sort of drawing program.
Vic Writer.prg 1997-08-03 4958
A word processor written in machine language.
Viditel Uitleg.prg 1996-11-24 707
Instructions for Vidivic.
Vidivic.prg 1996-11-24 9857
A Viditel terminal program for some on-line services in The Netherlands.
Voorraad beheer.prg 1996-11-24 7792
A warehouse database in Dutch. Written in BASIC.

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