Unless otherwise notified, the programs here are written in BASIC.


2.char.prg 1995-03-05 1538
A 4*8 character set.
ASCII Screen Put.prg 1995-02-27 267
Shows the PETSCII and screen codes of the characters you type. Written in machine language.
Address Book.prg 1997-07-17 2210
A simple address book program.
Auto Turbo.prg 1997-08-03 1166
A tape speeder. The files created with this tape speeder can be loaded with normal LOAD. Works with all memory configurations.
Blinker.prg 1997-07-17 979
This program installs an interrupt routine that will blink the screen if you type a shifted space at the top left screen corner.
Calendar II.prg 1997-07-17 951
Seems to print some sort of a calendar to device 4.
Calendar III.prg 1997-07-17 1778
Prints out a calendar of the months you specify.
Cass. Bestand.prg 1997-08-03 1783
A very simple database where you can store data of your tape collection.
Char Gener (3.5).prg 1997-08-03 2112
A simple character editor written in BASIC.
Clock.prg 1997-07-17 1041
Installs a clock at the top left screen corner.
Color Bars.prg 1995-02-27 199
Draws a test picture for tuning the TV.
Color-cursor.prg 1997-07-17 901
This program installs an interrupt routine that randomly changes the cursor color.
Computer.char.prg 1995-03-05 1538
A nice computer-like 8x8 font.
Converter.numbers.prg 1997-07-17 1403
Number system converter.
Converter.units.prg 1997-07-17 1338
Converts values between different measuring units.
Data Maker.prg 1997-07-17 599
Memory dump data statement maker.
Data Manager.prg 1997-07-17 2193
A simple tape-based data base.
Date to Day.prg 1997-07-17 426
Tells the weekday of a date.
Delux File Case.prg 1997-07-17 3583
A data file management program.
Dir. Reader (t).prg 1997-08-03 428
Reads tape directories (file names and starting addresses)
Directory Sort.prg 1996-12-08 1270
Sorts the disk directory. Written in BASIC.
Disk Defaulter.prg 1996-12-08 388
Installs a wedge that defaults the LOAD and SAVE routines to device 8.
Disk Exerciser.prg 1996-12-08 1314
Moves the read/write head around.
Disk Header.prg 1996-12-08 1001
Edit the disk title and the ID. Written in BASIC. The texts are in Dutch.
Disk Merge.prg 1996-12-08 1605
Merges two files on a disk. (You could do the same with the C command.)
Disk Purge.prg 1996-12-08 1181
Purges a disk (deletes files permanently)
Disk Repair.prg 1996-12-08 657
Undoes the "N0:DISKNAME" command by writing a link to sector 18,4 from sector 18,1.
Diskmonitor.sys6690.prg 1996-12-08 735
A disk monitor from "Das gro├če Floppy Buch". Commands: W (write sector), R (read sector), M (examine sector), @ (disk command), X (exit). Assumes device number 8.
Dual Copy.prg 1996-12-08 1169
Copies files from drive 8 to drive 9. The files are buffered in the VIC memory, so this program is very limited.
Edit Disk Name.prg 1996-12-08 1214
Edit disk title. Written in BASIC.
Edit Load Addr..prg 1996-12-08 2195
Edit the load address (the first two bytes) of a file on a disk. Written in BASIC.
Errorrouter.prg 1995-02-27 964
Installs customized BASIC error messages. May not work with a 8kB memory expansion or bigger.
F-key.prg 1997-05-05 1342
Define macros for function keys.
Filelock.prg 1996-12-08 3271
Locks a file or removes the lock (bit 6 of filetype)
Fisichella.zip 2001-05-30 21371
A machine-language music editor with instructions and an example tune. v1.1 (30.5.2001) Source code and a bonus demo included. Programmed by Aleksi Eeben.
Functiondraw.prg 1997-07-17 347
This BASIC program plots a 2-dimensional function on the screen.
Functionkeys.prg 1997-07-17 780
Installs function key macros.
Functionkeys2.prg 1997-07-17 1281
Installs function key macros.
Handy Basic.b.prg 1997-07-17 196
Handy Basic.f.prg 1995-03-05 2079
A BASIC expansion.
Home Inventory (part 1).prg 1996-12-23 2074
Home Inventory, Part 1: Purchases & Current Value. Creative Software 1981.
Home Inventory (part 2).prg 1996-12-23 2270
Home Inventory, Part 2: Inventory Analysis. Creative Software 1981.
Kalendar.prg 1997-07-17 374
This BASIC program tells (in Dutch) which weekday a given date is.
Karnaugh.prg 1997-07-17 1411
Draws Karnaugh's diagrams of four-variable logic functions.
Label Maker.prg 1997-07-17 360
Prints labels on a printer device #4.
Lightning Sort.prg 1995-03-05 1619
Generates a sorting routine in machine language.
Loan Calculator.prg 1995-02-27 2937
Loan Calculator2.prg 1995-02-27 2937
Calculates the real costs of a loan.
Maanfase.prg 1997-07-17 1575
Calculates the phase of moon. The output is in Dutch.
Memo Writer.prg 1995-02-27 2104
With this program you can write short notes that can be printed. The texts cannot be stored in a file.
Modem.upload.prg 1997-07-17 300
Some sort of script for the above.
Mult 1.0.prg 1997-07-17 213
A multiplicator program. Input two numbers, separated by RETURN, and the program will print out the product.
Name Pro.prg 1997-07-17 949
This program stores data in sequential tape files.
Object Loader.prg 1997-07-17 574
Some sort of a utility for "Tiny VIC-20 BASIC compiler".
One-touch.prg 1995-02-27 1589
This machine-language routine lets you enter BASIC keywords with the Commodore key combined with a letter. Might not work with 8kB or more expansion memory.
Paaszondag.prg 1997-07-17 457
Calculates the date of Easter.
Phoneme Editor.t.prg 1995-03-05 3585
Phoneme editor.
Phoneme Speak.t.prg 1995-03-05 638
A playback program for the above. Seems to require some hardware expansion at $9800.
Posteriser.prg 1997-07-17 1289
Prints a customizable banner message.
Print Buzz.prg 1997-07-17 169
No idea what this one is supposed to do.
Print Sound.prg 1995-02-27 953
A machine-language driver that plays any notes sent to device 2.
Prog Char 1.1-un.prg 1992-06-25 1534
A character set editor.
Program Printer.prg 1997-07-17 2585
Prints a BASIC program listing.
Programmable Char.prg 1995-02-27 1728
A character editor.
Puny Mon 1.0-b.prg 1997-07-17 143
Puny Mon 1.0-f.prg 1995-03-05 2832
Another machine language monitor.
Quick-20($1600).prg 1996-11-10 2050
Some sort of a tape loader or tape copier.
Reactoid.prg 1997-07-17 1514
Measures your reaction time.
Resistor Decoder.prg 1997-07-17 1299
Helps you in decoding resistor color codes.
Rpn.prg 1997-07-17 1464
Converts "normal" arithmetic expression to Reverse Polish Notation.
Save Tape->disk.prg 1996-12-08 179
This program can be used to save all non-turbo non-autostarting games from tape to disk.
Schaakklok.prg 1997-08-03 3258
Draws a chess clock on the screen.
Scrcode.str Make.prg 1997-07-17 1437
Character translation configuration program for Mighty Term.
Screendump-info.prg 1997-07-17 3430
Screendump.prg 1997-07-17 2504
Generates a screen dump on the printer. Documentation and the actual program.
Sector 20 Error.prg 1997-07-17 1506
Generates a sector error on the disk.
SidMon.prg 1999-02-25 1065
SidMon.readme 1999-03-02 2464
A simple machine language monitor written by HackZ0id/SIDERS a.k.a. Mattias Hansson <hackzoid@alfa.telenordia.se>.
Sorteren.prg 1997-08-12 2875
Demonstrates different sorting algorithms. The texts are in Dutch.
Super Directory.prg 1996-12-08 1300
Displays the disk directory.
Superlog 20.prg 1996-12-08 1910
Displays disk statistics.
Tape Dir 2.prg 1997-07-17 1832
Tape Directory.prg 1997-07-17 1291
These programs maintain directories of your tapes.
Tape Toon.prg 1997-07-17 816
Plays music from the datassette. Use SYS7424 and TAPE to start.
Telefoon+sort.prg 1996-11-24 1560
Sorts a telephone database.
Telefoon-disk.prg 1996-11-24 1916
A disk version of Telefoon.prg, a phone book database.
Telefoon.prg 1997-05-05 1916
Phone book database.
Telefoon.relais.prg 1996-11-24 1448
Another phone database.
Tinymon 1.0.prg 1995-03-05 1045
Tiny relocatable machine language monitor.
Track 21 Error.prg 1997-07-17 1039
Generates a track error on the disk.
Turbo Tape.prg 1997-07-17 1219
COMPUTE!'s tape drive accelerator. It makes it so you can load programs from tape at the speed of a 1541 disk drive (400 bytes/second). It gives instructions when it is run. You do not need Turbo Tape installed to load a turbo-saved program.
Un.prg 1995-03-05 1534
Character set editor.
Validate a Disk.prg 1996-12-08 3073
Validates a disk more thoroughly than the built-in validate command.
Variable Dump.prg 1997-08-12 2745
Prints all BASIC variables on the screen. Works in all memory configurations.
Vic Tiny Aid.prg 1997-05-05 1722
Defines some useful BASIC commands.
Vic-20 Wedge.prg 2001-08-27 821
An improved version of the utility that can be found on the 1540/1541 test/demo disk. In this version, the device number of the disk drive can be specified.
Virtual Dir.prg 1996-12-08 2384
Displays the disk directory.
Yearer.prg 1997-07-17 1399
Prints out the calendar for a given year. Requires a printer device #4.

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