The Commodore Model B computer was designed for serious business use, but it didn't do very well on the market.
See also http://www.insectria.org/b128.html.


8050 disk images of the Chicago B128 Users Group (CBUG) software library
Commodore Model B documentation
Commodore Model B system firmware
Commodore Model B Service Manual


cbm2-burnin.d80.gz 2003-08-16 4618
cbm2-burnin.readme 2003-08-11 467
Commodore Factory Burn In Diagnostics for B Series. All but three files have been deleted from the disk.
cbmtermv2.d80.gz 2003-08-16 8525
cbmtermv2.readme 2003-08-20 378
Commodore Terminal Version 2.0 for B Series, an unreleased title by Commodore.
kernal610-new.zip 1998-11-24 33765
A modified kernal (version 3) for handling a 1541 connected to the Cassette port. The source code is in ca65 format, and the schematic diagram of the cable is included as a GIF file. Uploaded by the author, Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz@musoftware.de).
kernal610-orig.zip 1998-11-24 36124
A disassembly (in ca65 format) of the kernal version 3 with German comments. Uploaded by the author, Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz@musoftware.de).
moni610.zip 1998-11-24 19443
A small machine language monitor (with assembler and disassembler) and 1541 routines. Source code for ca65 and binaries included. Uploaded by the author, Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz@musoftware.de).
p500-burnin.d80.gz 2003-08-10 3213
p500-burnin.readme 2003-08-11 348
Commodore Factory Burn In Diagnostics for P500, maybe for -01 ROMs or PAL models.
ukb700-demo.d80.gz 2003-08-10 9989
ukb700-demo.readme 2003-08-11 270
Commodore UK B700 Demo for in-store displays.
vt52emu.bin 1998-04-09 8192
vt52emu.readme 1998-04-12 564
Firmware of a Digital VT 52 terminal emulator cartridge.

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