Fun Graphics Machine, a graphics editing system by Ron Hackley.


ArtCutter-1.10.prg 1994-08-11 14940
Multicolor graphics editor. Released 1st June 1993 by Alan Group, Russia.
CSLC-1.0.prg 1994-08-11 16220
Charsets Linker/Compressor by Alan Group, Russia. Finished 22th June 1993, spread 1st July 1993.
Charblaster2.prg 1995-05-18 2279
A character editor
ChunkyEdit.prg 1980-01-08 6572
ChunkyEdit.txt 1997-03-02 819
This program was written to draw textures for the nowadays very common 4by4 16-color chunky mode. It is still at a beta stage so some common functions are not included in the program (i.e. Copy). Written and uploaded by Graham/Oxyron (j.selck@flensburg.netsurf.de).
DYCPFontMaker.prg 1994-06-02 1793
Font editor for DYCP scrollers
EAFLI-editor.sfx 1997-02-23 23806
Extended Advanced FLI editor by John 'Graham' Selck of Oxyron (j.selck@flensburg.netsurf.de). The documentation is in ASCII format, and so is the source code for the EAFLI viewer that is included.
FLI-Editor-v3.2.prg 1993-06-25 11033
1989 Dolphins, FLI and bitmap editor
FLI-Graph.prg 1993-04-12 25428
FLI designer v1.1 by CPU (PAL)
FontEd.lnx.gz 2001-08-27 10253
FontEd.txt 2001-08-27 1035
Font editor written in BASIC by Howard Feldman
FontMagic-v1.2.prg 1993-12-30 8504
This is a font utility with nice pull down menu user interface. (Joystick required). It works fine on PAL and NTSC.
InterlaceHiresEditor.prg 1995-04-05 14098
LogoEditor-v1.2.prg 1993-04-12 16932
Logo-editor v1.2 by Henry of Centauri
SuperHiresEditor-v1.2.prg 1995-04-05 11207
SuperHiresInterlaceEditor.sfx 1995-09-02 39228
Super Hires Interlace Editor by COLABOR/VERMES released 03.12.1994 and a bunch of graphics conversion utilities (Amiga->C64).
SuperHiresStudio.sfx 1995-09-02 20048
An editor for sprite-enhanced hires bitmaps by Rascal of Sun Designs. Includes displayer source code.
Triplefont.prg 1993-04-27 19822
Character editor v1.0
True Paint I.d64.gz 1998-06-02 80548
MCI (MultiColor Interlace) graphics editor for PAL systems. The pictures are startable from BASIC. Uploaded by the author, Robert 'GrABBA' Grabowski (grabba@mat.uni.torun.pl).
bitmap_shifter.prg 1995-01-21 6952
funpaint_ii.prg 1995-04-03 23398
multidrawer11.prg 1996-09-04 35856
multidrawer11.readme 1996-09-04 735
Multi-purpose, multifunction graphics editor with many features. Uploaded by the author, Silver Dream ! (Patryk Logiewa), silverdr@inet.com.pl.

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