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VIC-20 parts and firmware versions
basic.901486-01.bin 1994-10-27 8192
Commodore VIC-20 BASIC V2. The first and only version.
characters.901460-02.bin 2001-10-01 4096
Commodore VIC-1001 (Japanese VIC-20) character generator ROM.
characters.901460-03.bin 1994-01-24 4096
Commodore VIC-20 character generator ROM.
characters.NecP22101-207.bin 1997-01-27 4096
Commodore VIC-20 character generator ROM for Swedish/Finnish character set.
kernal.901486-02.bin 2001-08-31 8192
Commodore VIC-1001 (Japanese VIC-20, NTSC-M) KERNAL ROM.
kernal.901486-06.bin 1995-04-02 8192
Commodore VIC-20 KERNAL ROM, revision 6. Intended for NTSC-M systems. Probably not the first revision. But not the sixth revision either, since the BASIC ROM has the same part number.
kernal.901486-07.bin 1994-10-27 8192
Commodore VIC-20 KERNAL ROM, revision 7. Intended for PAL-B systems. Probably the last revision.
kernal.NecP22081-206.bin 1997-01-27 8192
Commodore VIC-20 KERNAL ROM, 901486-07 version patched for Swedish/Finnish keyboard and character set. Chip markings: NEC JAPAN P22489-207 / D2364C 689 UE12 (Yes, it is a 8kb*8 mask-programmable ROM!).
kernal.differences 1995-04-06 1705
Lists the differences between the VIC-20 KERNAL ROMs 901486-06 and 901486-07.

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