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251027l1.gif 1996-05-08 130771
251027l2.gif 1996-05-08 173902
251027l3.gif 1996-05-08 103747
251027r1.gif 1996-05-08 146612
251027r2.gif 1996-05-08 165161
251027r3.gif 1996-05-08 136724
VIC-20CR rev.D (NTSC, new design). Assy number 251027-01. The PAL model has a crystal frequency of 4433618 Hz, and there is an extra 56pF capacitor on the solder side of the board, soldered parallel to R5.
324001_1.gif 1996-05-08 177837
324001_2.gif 1996-05-08 194380
324001_3.gif 1996-05-08 170958
VC-20 rev.B (PAL, old design). Assy number 324001-03. Bad scanning quality.
vic20-left.tiff 1995-04-23 244980
vic20-middle.tiff 1995-04-23 252038
vic20-right.tiff 1995-04-23 168022
This diagram is scanned from the Commodore VIC-20 Programmer's Reference guide. It describes an early NTSC motherboard and most probably contains some errors, like the Commodore 64 schematic from the Commodore 64 PRG does.
vic20bus.gif 1996-05-08 37570
A block diagram of the VIC-20 bus signals.
vic20mod.gif 1996-05-08 111269
The VIC-20 RF modulator (PAL).

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