The files in this directory were supplied by Olaf Seibert.


8250.notes 1995-02-02 4283
Notes about the files in this directory.
8250ram00 1995-01-05 258
8250ram10 1995-01-05 258
8250ram43 1995-01-05 258
RAM dumps from different pages.
8250rom.dis 1995-02-02 246836
A disassembly of the 901887-01 and 901888-01 ROMs.
8250romfdc-fc00 1995-01-05 1026
This is the contents of the 6530 RIOT chip for the floppy controller (unknown revision, looks like a slightly patched 901869-01)
Ville Muikkula reports that his 8250LP has a little circuit board inserted in the place of the floppy drive controller 6530 RIOT chip. Located on this circuit board are the original 901869-01 and a 2732 EPROM chip that has a label with part number 251474-01B, and agrees with this dump. The extraneous 3 kilobytes of the 2732 are filled with $aa.
8250romfdc.dis 1995-02-02 20482
Disassembly of the above
data8250 1995-01-01 100
data8250fdc 1995-01-28 20
labels8250 1995-02-02 7919
labels8250fdc 1995-02-02 2484
mk8250rom.dis 1995-01-23 218
routines 1995-01-08 5
d65 control files for creating the disassembly listings from the 8250 firmware

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