Here you will find firmware and technical data of Commodore's professional disk drives, equipped with the IEEE-488 interface.
Most of the disk drive information was supplied by William M. Levak <wlevak@umich.edu>.


SFD-1001 firmware and some technical data. This drive has 1 MB capacity on 96tpi double density 5ΒΌ" disks.
Commodore 2031 and 2031LP firmware and technical data. The 2031LP is a half height version of the 2031 (LP stands for Low Profile). They are functionally compatible. They use the same disk format as the 4040.
Commodore 2040, 3040 and 4040 firmware and technical data. This is the precursor of the famous 1540/1541 disk drive.
Commodore 8050/8250 firmware and some technical data. The ROMs are partially same as in the SFD-1001. DOS 2.7 is required for Double sided IEEE drives. The same ROMs were used in the SFD-1001, 8050, and 8250. There was only one version. The only other DOS 2.7 was an alpha test version for the 4040 drive, but this drive was discontinued before the new system was released.
Commodore 8280 firmware. This is an 8" disk drive, similar to the 8250.
Commodore 9060/9090 hard disk firmware.


read6530.lst 2001-01-03 579
A PET BASIC program by William Levak that reads out the 6530 ROM.

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