These files were saved off some EPROM chips on a 8280 motherboard. Uploaded by Bo Zimmerman <bo@zimmers.net>.


300541-001.bin 1999-07-19 2048
GCR encoding/decoding tables?
300542-001.bin 1999-07-19 8192
CBM DOS 3.0, $c000-$dfff part.
300543-001.bin 1999-07-19 8192
CBM DOS 3.0, $e000-$ffff part. According to William Levak, these are similar to the CBM DOS 2.5 and 2.7.
chips.txt 1999-07-28 1961
A list of chips on the 8280 motherboard. Composed by Bo Zimmerman.
firmware.txt 1999-07-28 634
Some notes on the 8280 firmware.

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